Sebastiaan van Bavel Trio

Sebastiaan van Bavel Trio

In 2014 the Sebastiaan van Bavel trio released debut-album As The Journey Begins and was instantly awarded a prestigious Edison Award. For the new album Cosmic Dance, the trio consisting of Sebastiaan van Bavel (piano), Maciej Domaradzki (bass) and Jimmi Hueting (drums) is completed by saxophone player Jasper Blom and singer Vera Naus. This recording holds six original compositions based on the work of Indian poet Sri Aurobindo. By merging the poetry with the jazz-tradition and elements of Indian and Western classical music, this album marks the next episode of the trio’s musical journey.


Sebastiaan van Bavel

Sebastiaan van Bavel


In 2011 pianist/composer Sebastiaan van Bavel wins the prestigious Prinses Christina Councours ‘Classical’ after winning the same award in the category ‘Jazz’ just three years earlier. Because of his extraordinary talent within both genres he performs at stages like Bimhuis and North Sea Jazz Festival at a very early age. In Van Bavels music the love for both jazz and classical music is clearly present. His imposing piano play is done full justice by his compositions in which he combines the jazz tradition with elements from Indian and Western classical music. In bass player Alessandro Fongaro and drummer Jimmi Hueting, Van Bavel has found the ideal partners to perform his compositions to perfection.
Jimmi Hueting

Jimmi Jo Hueting


Jimmi Jo Hueting is known for his versatility both as a drummer and composer. After finishing his jazz-studies at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, he starts a Masters degree at Codarts Rotterdam during which he specializes in synthesizers and electronic music. In 2015 he merges these newly acquired skills with his jazz-background and is instantly awarded the prestigious Erasmus Jazz Award. In the same year, his avant-garde popband Jo Goes Hunting celebrates a major success when their debut album Glow is streamed over half a million times via Spotify. In the jazzscene Jimmi is a much sought drummer playing with Dick de Graaf, Jasper Blom, Ben van Gelder, and Reinier Baas amongst others. In 2016 Jimmi joins the Sebastiaan van Bavel Trio to record the album Cosmic Dance. 

Alessandro Fongaro

Double bass

Italian born Alessandro Fongaro is a bassist and composer based in the Netherlands. In 2013 he embraces the role of band-leader putting together the Alessandro Fongaro 5et, an international project with which he is instantly awarded the prestigious Erasmus Jazz Prijs. The quintet is also selected by the Keep an Eye Foundation as one of the three best upcoming jazz projects of Dutch conservatoires. In 2016 the group releases debut album Neither More nor Less which is receives well by press and public. Besides his own projects, Alessandro is active as side-man for Jasper Blom, Mark Schilders, Reinier Baas, Koen Schalkwijk, and many others. Fongaro is a member of the Sebastiaan van Bavel Trio since 2017.


Cosmic Dance

released: 2016

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As the Journey Begins

released: 2014

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Young VIP tour 2018
29/04/18 Bimhuis – Amsterdam
27/04/18 De Tor – Enschede
22/04/18 Porgy & Bess – Terneuzen
21/04/18 Artishock – Soest
17/04/18 Theater Het Hof – Arnhem
14/04/18 Transition Festival – TivoliVredenburg Utrecht
13/04/18 Paradox – Tilburg
07/04/18 LantarenVenster – Rotterdam
02/04/18 Verkadefabriek – Den Bosch
31/03/18 Hot House – Leiden

11/07/15 North Sea Jazz Festival – Rotterdam
09/07/15 North Sea Round Town – Rotterdam
25/03/2017 Final B-Jazz International Contest – Leuven
26/06/15 Jazzdag @ LantarenVenster – Rotterdam
22/03/15 Final Erasmus Jazz Competition – Rotterdam
27/11/14 Edison gala w/ the Metropole Orchestra – Eindhoven



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